About Us

Tourism Northern Tasmania (TNT) is the regional tourism organisation for Northern Tasmania. We are an Incorporated Association governed by a voluntary skills-based board of Directors, and funded by participating councils and Tourism Tasmania. 

We are responsible for driving the development of tourism in Northern Tasmania by leading a contemporary strategic approach to destination management. 

Although funded by Councils and Tourism Tasmania, we are an industry-led organisation working in partnership with Local Tourism Associations within the region.  We provide excellent opportunities for greater collaboration in the areas of; destination marketing, visitor information provision, investment attraction and product development, industry skills development, and advocacy on behalf of our industry.   

Our structure takes into account the local and regional needs specific to Northern Tasmania and addresses the following objectives: 

  • To recognise the importance of tourism as a key economic generator for the North

  • To ensure that the destination becomes more competitive and attains deserved market share 

  • To provide for a more united approach in destination management and planning   

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Key functions of Tourism Northern Tasmania include: 

  • Strategic planning to develop and follow a 3 year Regional Tourism Strategy. 

  • Definition of a Regional Brand Position aligned with the Tourism Brand of Tasmania. 

  • Destination Marketing plan that includes: 
  • Industry Development - Identify/deliver regional priorities for industry skills enhancement such as; customer service, China Ready and reinvestment business skills training.  

  • Product Development - Undertake a regional product/experience audit that includes:
  • Stimulate investment attraction (and reinvestment) informed by planning process, aimed to evolve the region as a visitor destination.

  • Public Relations on behalf of industry to communicate activities and achievements to stakeholders and the broader Northern Tasmania community on a regular basis. 

  • Representation and advocacy on behalf of industry. 

  • Foster strong partnerships with other industries based on mutual benefit. 

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