Who does what in tourism

State Government

Tourism Tasmania

Marketing and development programs for domestic and international tourism.

Events Tasmania

Events Tasmania's role is to stimulate event growth in Tasmania.

Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO's)

Tasmania's regional tourism organisations encourage greater tourism industry engagement and participation in their region in the areas of strategy, marketing, visitor information and industry development. There are now four RTO's in Tasmania, one of which is us! 

Local Tourism Associations (LTA's)

Local Tourism Associations work within the local tourism industry and liaise with Regional Tourism Authorities and state bodies on behalf of operators. RTO's work closely with LTA's in their region.  You must be a member of your LTA to receive communication, benefits and participation offers from us. 

In our region, we work with the following LTA's:

Name of Association
Chairperson Email Website
Launceston Tamar Valley Tourism Association (LTVTA) Sam Denmead 
Flinders Island Tourism Association (FITA) Michael Grimshaw
Great Western Tiers Tourism Association (GWTTA) Rosemary Norwood
Greater Esk Tourism Inc. Peter Troode
Heritage Highway Region Tourism Association Alex Green
North East Tasmanian Tourism Jessica Coniston


Tourism Industry Council Tasmania

Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT) is the peak body that represents and acts for the Tasmanian tourism industry. A key role of the TICT is administering the National Tourism Accreditation Program.